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Monday, 21 November 2016

First Look, Robot 2.0! Will it break all previous Record?

"Roobot 2.0" is one of the most awaited film of 2017. As you know first time, South Superstar Rajnikant and Bollywood Superstar Akshay Kumar are coming together along with "Singh is Bling" fame actress Emy Jackson, (English actress). Needless to say anything about the two superstars but there is need to say something about Emy Jackson. She is emerging star of new generation and she proved herself in "Singh Is Bling".  She impressed audience and film industry with her action in "Singh Is Bling". So her presence in the movie is surplus. 

So, imagine, how exciting it will be to watch out two legend at one place with an emerging action actress.Robot 2.0 is suppose to be big hit of new year and may break previous record of box office. Though it  is early to say anything but buzz support this possibility. 

In first intalment of Robot, Rajnikant was in double role, hero as well as villain but in second installment is very special. Presence of Action King Akshay Kumar in negative role has made this film very big and very special.

The film has already created great haul across the country as well as overseas and make audience impatient but now, this movie will release on the eve of Diwali festival instead of beginning of the year. That means audiences have to wait for, about ten months.

On 20th, November, first look of film has been released that is awesome. Indeed Akshay looks very danger. It looks as he will write new chapter in negative role as he had done in his first negative venture "Once Upon A Time In Mumbai Doubara". Here, we bring first poster of the film, Watch and judge judge yourself, how it looks.

Sunday, 13 November 2016

Amir Khan supports PM's Demonetization policy

Mr Perfectionist Amir Khan supported PM Narendra Modi’s recent decision of demonetization of Rupee 500 and 1000 currency. This decision has been taken in order to finish black money and a fight against terrorism. It is supposed that black money is used to spread terrorist attack in the country.

Government has given public to exchange their money is a sufficient time but right now common people is facing lots of problem. Amir Khan said to media that this decision has been taken for long term benefit, so people should not be perplex and whatever inconvenient is coming, should be faced patiently. He further added, he pays income tax on time so he has no black money.

This is for betterment of coun try and people. He said that he is supporting PM’s decision. Amir Khan made this statement at the promotion of his upcoming movie “Dangal”(Wrestling) which is going to release on the eve of Christmas.

Dangal is film based on the life of a wrestle and for this, film Amir Khan has put on lots of weight which gives him a perfect wrestler’s look. Let see how his film does. Bluckbuster or hit only? Film has not enough buzz as was expected. 

Recently, Salman Khan’s film “Sultan” (King) from same genre,had done very well so there is some  doubt but the real judge of any movie is audience and they will decide the destiny of this movie too. We hope, his film will do well. 

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