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Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Akshay Kumar's Upcoming films in 2013-14

Akshay Kumar is rocking on the box office and the course of success started from Housefull 2 is continues. Every day he makes new record and reach at that place where he stands alone. Whether it is record made in last year, “first actor of Indian cinema whose films earned 400 crores plus on domestic box office and 600 crores plus worldwidely” or “become first actor in last one decade whose six films released in last 10 months”.

The story is not yet finished, on 17th Feb, 2013 he became first and sole actor of Indian cinema who earned 2000 crores till date. Right now, His latest film “Special Chabbis is running on worldwide box office and adding decent amount on each passing day. After Special Chabbis, his next release is One Upon A Time in Mumbai again 2 in August and lots more. It seems that these days he is busy in making records and leaving behind his co-actors. And in Akshay’s own word, I am doing my job, record makes itself.

 Here is list of his upcoming films which would be proving milestone.

Once Upon A Time In Mumbai


Thuppaki (Remake)

Housefull 3


Special Chabbis 2 (sequel)

Ramanna (Remake)

Roudy Rother Returns


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